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"Important World Artists Vol.1:Premium Artists"-2013

"International ContemporaryArt Masters Vol.8"-2014 Effetto Arte                                                                                            

art Kонцепция- "Текстурализмa"- это новый синтаксис представлений цветопластического изопространства и принципов его моделирования. Посещайте и пишите, Ваше мнение важно для нас. Kontseptsiya- "Teksturalizm", Publishes a collection of work and thematic material on the development of new syntax representations tsvetoplasticheskogo isospace and principles of its modeling.  Visit and contact us. Your opinion is important to us.



Dear Vladimir,

We would like to invite you to participate with ArtTour International Magazine Exhibition for the Spectrum Miami 2016.
Our registration deadline is April 26th based on availability, let us know of your desire to participate at your earliest convenience.

SPECTRUM Miami is a juried show with an Exhibitor Committee consisting of four individuals with outstanding reputations in publishing and artist development. Strict hanging guidelines, aesthetics, and attention to detail will be enforced, providing a streamlined, crisp, and clean venue for gallery owners, designers, architects, and collectors to enjoy.
Each year thousands of art industry insiders flock to SPECTRUM MIAMI in search of the art and artists that will shape trends in galleries worldwide. One of the largest international gathering of qualified trade buyers — including gallery owners and managers, art dealers, interior designers, architects, corporate art buyers and art & framing retailers. What does this mean for our exhibitors? Tremendous exposure!


ArtTour International Magazine exhibition booth will be featuring a selection of international artists showcasing their best works.

As one one of the most popular international art magazines and over 2.1 million readers around the world, the magazine will provide a comprehensive marketing campaign for this great event.

Online Broadcast by ArtTour International Magazine.
ArtTour International Magazine will have staff members who will be presenting and interviewing the artists for online broadcasting.

ART 2 HEART INTERVIEWS will be conducted for participating artists who travel to meet Vivid Arts Network staff at the Booth.

Services provided to our participating artists include but are not limited to:

  • Complete Exhibition Set Up & Dismantling.  

  • Exhibition Article at the ArtTour International Magazine with a full page dedicated to each participating artist at the exclusive catalog "Best of the International Arts 2016"

  • Online Broadcast of the event through

  • Art 2 Heart Video Interviews to each participating artists. Full 2 minute video featuring artist's works, website, interviewed by ArtTour International Magazine's Editor in Chief Viviana Puello

  • Digital and Video Production of the Exhibition Catalogue displayed via Big Screen and all web tv channels and social media.

  • Complete Marketing Campaign, blog promotions, social media campaigns, mailers, press releases, email announcements. 

  • Complete Insurance coverage

  • Unlimited VIP and guest passes

  • Sales processing via credit card services on site, collector package and certification of authenticity for collectors. 

  • Exhibition catalog, post cards and flyers distributed a week prior to the event in throughout the city.


Please review our conditions for participation at this event by clicking on the link below: 

For your convenience, we have created an easy online registration system. For complete detailed information and the participation terms & conditions justclick HERE.

Please note due to the limited number of spots left we are not able to make reservations without complete registrations. 

If you need additional information or prefer to speak to someone directly please contact us at 800 807-1167 Ext 107

Featuring Painting, Photography, Sculpture & Digital Art 


Уважаемый Владимир Кучуков, 

Вся дальнейшая информация доступна на

Встроенное изображение 76 
Мы с нетерпением ожидаем получения заявки до 30 ноября 2016 года! 

С уважением 

Martina Kolle 

(редактор серии книг INTERNATIONALE KUNST HEUTE) 


Kuchukov Vladimir,

Коллекция ведущих мировых художников
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Inspiration art book 

Dear Artist, I am very proud to award you with the International Prize Galileo Galilei.

Link Application form: he prize is given to those artists who has been chosen by Mr. Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo.


Участник Международных Kонкурс'ов:

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 Showcase winners ArtSlant-2010 -2011- 2012- 2013;

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